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January 2016

What’s the rush?

Some days I wake up and feel anxious; not always in a bad, negative way but most of the time it’s wake up, shower, pick out an outfit, do makeup, and hurry hurry or I’ll be late! But what’s the rush? Continue reading “What’s the rush?”


Today I am excited about Everything

This, along with a few others, has been my daily mantra. In my opinion having a mantra is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself in day to day living. It keeps you centered, and is always there for you to refer back to.

This mantra in particular is extra special and for a day like today, it comes in handy.

Continue reading “Today I am excited about Everything”

Build a Bridge

and get over it.

That may be the usual saying but not in this case! Over this past summer my best friend and I went on an amazing adventure to the Tonto Natural Bridge outside of Payson, Arizona. This was one of the many best days of my life.

Continue reading “Build a Bridge”


Writing that word – Uptown – I instantly thought of the song “Uptown Funk” which I immediately regret writing because the song is now stuck in my head. But I do really want to write about my day… my day in Uptown Phoenix. Continue reading “Uptown”


The happiest of all Fridays, it’s January and the predicted high is 75° and I’m heading home to get my tan on. Continue reading “Fri-YAY”

Starting with Carp

Carp. NOT crap. Short for Carpinteria. The place I call home – in the summertime that is. Living in Phoenix I definitely don’t have this awesome of a view daily, but I do have many truly amazing places to see in AZ.
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