Carp. NOT crap. Short for Carpinteria. The place I call home – in the summertime that is. Living in Phoenix I definitely don’t have this awesome of a view daily, but I do have many truly amazing places to see in AZ.

First of all, My name is emma, and I love being outside. That is a basic fact when it comes to getting to know me. I’m the person in the classroom who asks the teacher daily if we can have class outside, I’m the person who plans picnics, I’m the person who goes on walks with out reason*
*reason: to go outside (but that is self-explanatory)

But anyways, I thought it would be best fitting if I made my first post on Carpinteria because not a day goes by where this place isn’t on my mind. This past summer here was by far my favorite and most memorable. I made friends. It was my first year being here that I could drive (By mYSELF) and everyday I had a new adventure.

The town is small, after dark, the town is practically dead- but thats just another reason I have for loving this place. The layout of the town is memorized like the back of my hand and yeah, I know where the touristy places are BUT more importantly I know where the hidden gems and ‘locals only’ spots are too.

The beach or “World’s safest beach” has to be my favorite. Not a place along the entire coast can compare to here. It is clean, the sand is soft, the water is beautiful [and the guys are still so so attractive] ultimately I have to say writing this has made me kind of nostalgic but hey! i’ll be back in june!

Carpinteria, CA