Writing that word – Uptown – I instantly thought of the song “Uptown Funk” which I immediately regret writing because the song is now stuck in my head. But I do really want to write about my day… my day in Uptown Phoenix.I woke up and knew exactly where I wanted my first cup of coffee to be from: Copper Star Coffee. Copper Star is this awesome coffee shop in the Melrose District that used to be an old gas station/car repair shop so when they turned it into a coffee shop, they did not change the building so it’s a garage with a big open garage door (when the weather permits of course) and it has a really nice look to it.  So I knew that was the coffee I wanted but my plan was to also ride my bike there with my dad, however, when I told my dad my plan he had a different idea in mind. He wanted to walk to the farmers market a few blocks away from our neighborhood and get coffee and some breakfast there instead.

So, instead of compromising we did both. First we, and my dog, walked to the farmers market, called Uptown Farmers Market, I got cold brew coffee, my favorite (no cream; black is best). We ate cookies and my dog was getting lots of attention which she was loving. The farmers market was very cool, the live music this week was a young girl and her voice was killer good, she covered “Too Close” by Alex Clare and I was blown away.

I’m actually incredibly grateful we went to the farmers market first, I heard someone call my name and it was my friend Arden, who I had not seen in well over a year, and she happened to be there, which is coincidental because she lives in north Scottsdale so of all the farmers markets in phoenix on a saturday morning she decided to come to this one. Arden and I caught up and talked for probably twenty minutes. I found out her parents were getting divorced and that she got a job at Flower Child.

After we saw all there was to see at the farmers market we walked back home and rode our bikes to Copper Star. We brought Haleigh, my dog, with us on this trip too. The coffee shop is a mile and a half away, so we could have walked but biking is more fun(: Here I got another black cold brew coffee and we sat outside and enjoyed the most marvelous weather for over an hour.

Now on the bike ride there, to Copper Star, it was hassle free but on the way home !! a truck blew right through a stop sign and almost took me out and while biking my dad was holding onto Haleigh’s leash and she stopped suddenly and she pulled my dad off his bike and he fell onto the street! He didn’t get hurt but still…It was just weird that the way home we both were having trouble:/

BUT ending positively after my long long explanation of my day (well just morning) I took some photos so look and enjoy(:


PS! Here’s some songs that I like for this post(:

“So American” by Portugal. The Man

“Trouble” by Cage The Elephant

“Too Close” by Alex Clare – Melanie Martinez cover