This, along with a few others, has been my daily mantra. In my opinion having a mantra is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself in day to day living. It keeps you centered, and is always there for you to refer back to.

This mantra in particular is extra special and for a day like today, it comes in handy.

Today, I woke up and had nothing to be excited about. It’s a Monday morning, plus I’m late, didn’t make my self a lunch to take to school so I’ll starve, I have work at three, blah blah blah. That’s one view of my day, but here’s another: Thank God I showered yesterday because there’s no time right now, and Thank God again that I laid an outfit out last night because all my clothes are dirty. Awh, Dad, you made me coffee((: and I can’t wait to get to school and have my daily car chat with my pal Zebrina! (Side note: Zebrina and I both get to school freakishly early (to snag the best parking spots duh) but we never get out of our cars, we get to school so early then sit and talk in the warmth of our cars and sometimes lose track of time then end up being late to class…These car talks in the morning with her are sometimes the highlights of my day) School’s over and I’m not dead to starvation so hey! that’s a bonus! I know just what I’m making for lunch when I get home, plus I’ll have time to work out and try on my new bikini before work so that’s another bonus! And so on.

I’m typing this while at work now too, which is a blessing that I have the freedom to sit and blog and get paid for it (I nanny). But the day isn’t over but it’s not horrible. And after typing all that out I actually realized that an average day like today isn’t the worse thing.

Some other cool things I’m going to share about my day
-I stopped the gas at exactly $10.00 which NEVER happens bc I always go way past.
-I tried this brand of dairy free vegan ice cream that was reaaally good. Thank you Sprouts.
-I also had a really healthy lunch which is rare because I usually get home and pig out. for real. My lunch was a broccoli salad, a hard boiled egg, and pineapple.
-After I ate lunch I was going to go for a run but I have this work out routine I wanted to try and it was actually pretty challenging, way more rewarding than a run and I’ll definitely be sore tomorrow(:
-Also I bought a bikini top last week and I tried it on today and it fits so well, I’m really happy about that!

So after all that nonsense about my day, I hope all who read this had a day just as simple or a great event filled day of fun(: NO bad days !!

Here’s a song that has been stuck in my head all day, hopefully it doesn’t get stuck in yours “Say You’ll Be There” by MØ – Absence remix

another gorgeous sunset bc the sky is my favorite thing