Some days I wake up and feel anxious; not always in a bad, negative way but most of the time it’s wake up, shower, pick out an outfit, do makeup, and hurry hurry or I’ll be late! But what’s the rush?

People say life is short, but how can that be if it’s the longest thing we possibly do.

I never thought about this too hard until I read Tiny House, Tiny Footprint, this woman and her husband live in a trailer, together, 140 square feet, two people and a dog. Today in our world that is unrealistic. Isn’t the American Dream to buy the biggest house possible and start your family there??

Frankly, I love this couple. Her Instagram titled tinyhousetinyfootprint, is an inspiration and she shares her’s, and other’s experiences of tiny living, which has become something I cannot wait to try.

So what is the Rush?
What happened to caring for the simple things, and being comfortable, enjoying life in our own skins and not trying to change ourselves?

This world is fast paced and if ‘it’s not instant it’s not worth it.’ Don’t people know that the high quality things in life take time? Like a friendship, love, or even trips to see new things and experience new places! None of that is instant!

Whether it be in school, decision making, driving, life or ANyTHinG!  The best results will happen if you take your time(:


Here’s a song to listen to while reading this post! ((: Until next time!

“Breezeblocks” by Alt-J – Sebastian Carter remix