I had a plan for the day, but, in a matter of minutes they all fell through. With no plan and nothing to do-I made the day MINE

Welcome back, if you have been missing my posts or not I took a break due to lack of inspiration plus lack of free time to write.

On wednesday, I had an unusual amount of spare time – but it wasn’t supposed to be that way.  With absolutely nothing to do, no where to drive, nowhere to go. I was done with school at 10:10 am and was originally only supposed to have 2 hours before I had to go to work but I was cancelled on so I had the entire day wide open. NO plans. Im not one to complain about not having plans but, but on a wednesday, with nothing to do I felt empty and almost inspired to do something worth my time and make the day worth something. So I did.

I have this internal thing where I literally cannot sit still, yet externally I’m not in the mood to move.

What a conflicting inverse statement that was.

What I mean is that I see people doing cool things all the time, everywhere I go I see people riding their bikes and out walking their dogs and doing things and interacting in the community and it gives me this internal craving to go out side and do something !!

So I had one of the (most) outside-y days I’ve had in a while.

I mean I was still absolutely urban city locked

I started with tanning. In Phoenix, we broke the day’s record for heat. On February 10th it reached 85° the hottest it had every been for February since the 1950’s. Soooo obviously after a freezing cold week that was last week, I put on a bikini and went outside. And I stayed outside. I brought my book outside with me and read and tanned and sipped Arnold Palmer and enjoyed life! After the sun had moved a bunch I went back in and got my work out routine book and I went back outside and worked out! It really was a nice athletic day.

In my backyard I have a huge patio (or a lanai if I was living in Hawaii) so when the weather is nice I really like to use it. So after working out and tanning I grabbed my laptop and watched netflix while sitting on my luscious patio furniture.

But finally, at 4:30 ish, I could see based on the clouds in the sky that it would be a gorgeous sunset. So an hour before sunset I put on my running shoes and ran to Papago mountain, then hiked to the very top. I sat and watched in silence, from 5:30 to 6:15 and witnessed one of the most gorgeous sunsets ever. The sunset never ceases to take my breath away, but this one was something special. I was not focused on anything around me other than the sky. Not thinking about any of my stressers, I sat in absolute meditation.

Not too long ago, I took a class on meditation. It was difficult. Learning how to meditate is way easier said than done, I cannot just sit still and not think, that’s nearly impossible. However, on Wednesday evening, looking at the most brilliant sunset, I did.

God creates everything for a reason, and I am truly blessed that I ended up not having work because I would have missed the sunset if I did. This day was perfect and I could not have asked for a better plan-less Wednesday(:

And of course… Slightly Stoopid is exactly the kind of music I’d pair with this…(:

“Wiseman” – Slightly Stoopid

“Collie Man” – Slightly Stoopid

“The Prophet” – Slightly Stoopid