Over the past weekend my best friend Emily and I spent the night in a haunted hotel. We did a lot more than just that – but the hotel was the main event.

Jerome, Arizona, a tiny mountain side village that was one of the first established cities in Arizona thanks to the copper mining business. So many lives were lost at the time, and to now common illnesses- like the cold. Jerome Grand Hotel was at the time a hospital. Over tens of thousands lives were lost in that building, and some of the spirits still remain, even today.

This was actually one of the most fun weekend trips I’ve ever done. The city of Jerome itself is seriously cool, also seriously tiny, but again cool. Since Jerome is on a mountain, the city is built on three levels, with many windy roads but one main road (the 89A) and steep staircases connecting the streets and the businesses. Each new staircase that Emily and I found was cooler than the last, most were private property but we trespassed anyway.

Right off the bat, The drive there was amazing, it was windows down, driving 95mph all the way. Plus Emily was playing some Crazy good songs that got us pumped up! When we got to Jerome we explored and found a really really cool old Volkswagen Bus that was littered in funny bumper stickers, so we took pictures with it. We also found a water line that started at the top of the mountain (I’m assuming) and was for water run off and it went through all three levels of the town, at each level there was a stair case that walked along side it and it was like a beautiful Hawaiian waterfall it was so pretty. I could have sat under the staircase with the green trees and moss and watched it all day long.

We ate at a deli on the top tier of the city that had a balcony that over looked the “million dollar view” and they don’t lie when they say that, the view is astounding.

We checked into our hotel room and the front desk man Chris said there were three open rooms we could choose from, and he gave us the keys and we looked around in all three. The first two on the 2nd floor were nice, one had a window with the million dollar view and the other was much bigger and had a balcony facing the mountain, the third room on the third floor was said to be one of the most haunted rooms, and was tiny tiny, so us being chickens and wanting more space, we took the big room with the balcony on the second floor, which was the cheapest too I might add. Good thing we got the cheapest though because we were not in the hotel room much. We were running through the hallways and exploring the creepy hotel, which had some of the most antique furnishings and seriously looked like it hadn’t been updated since the early fifties. Most of all though Emily and I were always chatting with the guy at the front desk. Chris was the first one but he left at six pm and then the new guy came, and I WISHHHH I could remember his name, because he knew ours and he was so cool and we talked to him for like hours. He was an old black guy with an afro and a rusty voice and he had so many ghost stories to tell us. I really wish I remembered his name.

Emily and I got Coffee drinks from the only coffee shop in town that was maybe a five by five room with absolutely ZERO room. The coffee was good but emily did not like her tea. but we got these drinks at maybe 2 o’clock so when it was evening we were both so tired again already, Emily wanted hot cocoa but literally EVERY thing was closed in Jerome on a sunday night so we drove into Cottonwood to a 76 on the edge of town. That drive was scary, I was coming down the extremely windy scary road at night and it was cold outside but we still drove windows down. We laughed and joked and were praying that we would meet some cute cottonwood boys because the 76 was right behind the Mingus mountain high school. we didn’t. but I drove us through old town Cottonwood which is on of the cutest places ever, and then I took the back way to get back to Jerome so that we saw new things, like the river, though it was dark outside and we couldn’t see,we went back to the river in the morning.

Back at the hotel, Emily and I talked to the front desk guy for another hour or so, I gave him my hot cocoa because 1) I don’t like hot cocoa because it makes my stomach hurt and 2) I don’t even know why I got it because it made my stomach hurt. The man laughed when I offered it to him but then he took the lid off and drank it, I think he was really grateful.

While talking to the front desk guy Emily brought up oujia boards and then he goes, oh do you want one? I have a bunch back here and while I said NO instantly Emily said YES then he and Emily called me a chicken and we took the oujia board upstairs and played. It didnt work. I think emily has too happy of a spirit that it scared off all the evil ghost spirits… but we tried over and over. we even got advice on how to do one from Zebrina. But nothing helped.

At night night, like before bed, emily turned on the tv to fall asleep to something and while she was changing channels the tv did that horrible static thing that tvs do in scary movies. Emily fell asleep instantly but i COULD NOT I was so scared. There was this noise in our room that sounded like the light switch was flickering on and off and on and off but it wasn’t moving. but it sounded just like it. then after that stopped there was a ticking noise for a few minutes then A DRIPPING noise that when on forevevevevr. Our neighbors knocked on our door a few times too which also scared the crap out of me but Emily slept right on through all of this.

The next morning we got breakfast in old town cottonwood and then went to the river where we spent a few hours. I went off roading in my slugbug, which probably caused the transmission mishap on the way back to phoenix… no worries. And we went wandering down by the creek. I also took so many photos that my phone ran out of storage. which was unfortunate but like i said earlier it was all sooooo pretty down by the river everything looked like hawaii!! a beautiful forrest of green trees and moss and creeks and so many pretty things.

Emily and I had such a good time and the hilarity we have is great because nothing is said without laughter.

So here are some pictures(: and the favourite song from the drive/trip (aka the one on REPEAT) Falling