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For a little over a few years, I have been non-stop obsessed with a mountain off the side of the Bee-line Highway 87 in Arizona called Mount Ord. This mountain is so grand and massive, it is in the transition zone of AZ where the cactus and pine trees meet so it’s really one of the coolest looking mountains I’ve ever seen, and to make things even better, there’s a road the goes to the very top of it.

I had a plan with some friends of mine to take a trip up to Mount Ord and picnic and hike and enjoy the view so last Tuesday my friends and I did just that. I packed a cooler full of fresh foods and drinks (all vegan of course), loaded up the BMW and hit the road. Dana sat shotgun and played our boy Jon Bellion most of the way up, Jose sat in the back filming the whole way up to make a video, Nikki sat crunched up in the middle and Olivia on the other end photographing all the scenery.

The drive up mount ord was easy. not at all a challenge like I was somewhat expecting. The BMW did very well, though it’s not advertised as an off-roading vehicle it sure did well. The road was super windy, and only one lane- so thank goodness there were no other cars because there was not nearly enough pullouts.

Our first stop was a little camp site that had lots of fallen trees that made good sitting logs. We walked around here up the hill and took many pictures, there was also a private property (a home?) that had a no trespassing sign and no hunting or trapping or fishing or any of that. we laughed at the no trapping part and called it the trap house. However we didn’t stop and picnic there because there wasn’t enough trees in this spot, so we kept driving.

We drove around every curve of this mountain following the windy road and watched the scenery around us gradually get greener and greener. there was a pull out at a horse shoe shaped curve that we stopped at and set up the picnic. I brought my blue mexican blanket and towels for us all to sit on. the picnic was everything I ever wanted and more. The weather was perfect, around 72 degrees plus the clouds… the clouds oh man the clouds! some of the most puffy dark beautiful clouds I’d ever seen! could not have asked for a better day.

After the picnic we kept driving up to the very top of the mountain we passed so many campsites that made me want to go back and camp! The view from the top was amazing, something I will never forget. The mountains in the distance were golden from the sun shining on them. In the southwest, the direction that phoenix is in,  there was a pocket of sunshine, from the top of the mountain you could see the line that the clouds made that separated the sunshine from shade.

I have been having so many days recently where I end up calling them the best day ever, and this was just another one to add to the list, but as of now, its my favorite.

Here are some cool pictures (probably all taken by olivia) and some songs we jammed out to on the trip.
Im gonna beGives You HellJubel
Enjoy! until next time!