Leaves are changing colors that I’ve never seen before, the days are shorter, the nights are colder, is this fall?

Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, I have never, and I honestly mean that, never, have I ever lived through a fall season.

I don’t know if I love it, I am not a typical fall-pumpkin spiced everything obsessed- girl, like half the planet is, but I really enjoy experiencing new things.

A few weeks ago, I drove up to the Arizona Snowbowl and I was jaw dropped seeing all the yellow aspens sitting among the green pines.

I also have never been the biggest fan of hot coffee, its cold brew or none at all, but recently a warm cup in my hands just feels right.

Everywhere I look, there are leaves all over the ground, and I have never seen that before, it is truly wonderful to experience something new, and it is wild that I am seeing fall for the first time in all eighteen years of my life.

It is almost unbelievable that I live in Flagstaff, Arizona, only two hours north of Phoenix and the climate is entirely different. That is wildly amazing.

Thank you god for all the seasons(: now I’m anxiously excited for winter!

So finally, ending with a tradition, here is a beautiful song I found while sitting inside a coffee shop: The Avett Brothers – And It Spread