Some days, like today, are extremely memorable. Some days, like today, I hope to hold on to for the rest of my life.

On Friday morning my best friend back in Phoenix, asked if we could get lunch, it was immediately followed with an explanation of her saying, nearly everyday I almost ask you if you’re free for lunch: the thing is-I always am, however, I live two hours away from her in Flagstaff now.

After reading that my heart nearly broke. After high school me and my group of five best friends practically split up. We all (with the exception of Nikki and I) went to different colleges, with only Zebrina staying in Phoenix, going to SCC. I called Zebrina right after her text and asked her plans for sunday, I was going to see her.

The distance from Flag to Phoenix is just about 120 miles, but there’s this cute mountain town just between the two called Prescott, Arizona’s original capital. I asked if Zebrina and her boyfriend would want to meet there for lunch on sunday with Nikki and I. It was such a rush decision, she said she’d ask if Jake would be down and he was and then at 10am on Sunday morning we both left for Prescott.

Nikki and I got there first, maybe because I drive fast or maybe because Jake and Zebrina made several stops, but it didn’t matter because Nikki and I got to walk around get coffee, and explore! Also -side note- the drive was sooo fun! Nik and I blasted a roadtrip playlist of mine on soundcloud and we talked and jammed out! We took the back way which was a one lane highway with the occasional passing lane (which I used [when i probably should not have due to the oncoming traffic that almost got us killed] but we don’t have to talk about that)!

While waiting, Nikki and I walked along the creek and she climbed a tree, we were both really hungry and ready for Zebrina and jake to arrive asap! Which they soon did thankfully and it was so funny, Nikki and I were sitting on the bench outside the restaurant we agreed to eat at when Zebrina pulled up driving a car I’d never seen before (it was jake’s moms) and her parking job was awfullllll… seriously so bad! and then she tried to fix it, nikki and I were laughing so hard. When she finally parked Zeb sat in the car for like two minutes laughing, when she got out she ran up to me and hugged me and it was so sweet(:

Finally at lunch, we were all sitting and talking and laughing, constantly cracking jokes and reminiscing on the good ol’ days. It was such a pleasure getting to be with two of my best friends again, which makes me so happy for the upcoming holidays when we’ll all be back together again!

Also we had this ongoing joke where we all kept saying “When in Prescott” which basically was our reasoning for every choice made. At lunch, these two women in there early thirties maybe were eating on the patio outside and one of was taking a selfie and it was the funniest thing to watch because she did it over and over and over until she got it, and she was not afraid to throw her right hand up in the air with her phone it to get the perfect angle, while in her left was her fancy alcoholic drink and behind her was her friend, holding her lap dog and her beverage, MEANWHILE ZEBRINA saw-cracking up decided to take a selfie of her with them in the back posing for their selfie, it was so funny we were all laughing so hard that other people in the restaurant noticed and were laughing too.

After lunch we all walked around Prescott and laughed a lot, today was just such a good day!

Zebrina made a big deal about something she had to tell me but couldn’t tell anyone else and it got way blown up because we were all like ZEB if u just want me to know then don’t announce it to the TABLE! but she’s a funny person, we’re all funny people living in a funny little world and I think I like it just the way it is(:

so here are just a few pictures because today wasn’t really about all that

Also! cant forget roadtrip songs:
Go Fuck Yourself by Two Feet
Home by Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros RAC remix
Waiting For My Ruca by Sublime