Just a quick warning, this is a PLACE not an actual statement about the world ending. And man oh man, this just so happens to be one of the coolest places in the WORLD. 

I have been seeing pictures from this place for about a year, I’ve wanted to go so many times since. A few times now I’ve had a plan to go on a certain day but either the weather, or an issue has come up to block me. But last friday I finally got to go!!

I had to put my foot down somewhere because of all the chances I’ve missed to go check this place out. So a week in advance I texted a few friends and they all agreed to save the date & come along. Come Friday morning we packed my car full of treats and snacks and headed out for the hour plus long drive down a tricky connection of hardly managed forest service roads.

Together in my car jamming out it was me, Nikki of course, and a friend from high school named Maddie. We finally left around 1 pm after all our friday classes were done. If I had my way, we would have been on the road before sun rise, so we could catch the sun rise over the red rocks, but that’s okay, it just means I can go back soon. (:

In November, Flagstaff is typically supposed to be snowy, and cold – however probably due to climate change or whatever, this year has been hot hot hot. A week ago to the day it was 72° Then over night temperatures dropped and the rest of the week was cold cold cold. On Friday the high in Flagstaff was 46° so I thought it was going to be freeeeeezing at the end of the world too, (well not freezing but similar to flags weather) however, the end of the world over looks Sedona, the famous red rock town only 30 miles or so south of Flagstaff. Though it’s only 30 miles, it’s about 2600 feet lower in elevation than flagstaff, so with a change that big it’s definitely not as cold in Sedona than Flagstaff. And thank god for that too.

FINALLY after well over an hour of driving through the forest on twisting roads, there was a clearing in the trees and boom, a drop off. A smaller road turned towards the direction of the cliff, so me being fearless and daring took that sketch road and drove right along the edge of the WORLD. Now, this may be hard to picture for some people but don’t worry I took many pictures, however, the pictures can only do so much, they definitely don’t do this place justice. The lighting was wretched because it was around 3:30 and the sun practically setting towards golden hour BUT I really have to get the point across that this place is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Walking around he edge of the world (which is the name of this place named by locals) we stood on the edge of the cliff and climbed down a little, the rocks were shaped in the coolest of ways, it was truly gorgeous, I cannot wait to go back to the end of the world.

and offfff coarse, jam songs:
Matchbox twenty – how far we’ve come
Weezer- Island in the Sun
MGMT – electric feel cover & remix by crooked colours