Being a GEOLOGY major is awesome. Rocks are literally the coolest things, everything our world is today is because of crazy geological processes that happened hundreds of millions of years ago! and thats pretty neat. 

Okay, the canyon is not eh its actually so grand I couldn’t believe my EYES. (also i am not a narcissistic person i just thought the title was funny:) ).

So my geology class and I took a field trip to the Grand Canyon on April 1, 2017. I’ve lived in arizona my whole entire life…this was my first time there.

I love nature, I am always outside going to see new places and taking long scenic drives for the hell of it, I was not expecting much from the GC because of the pictures I grew up seeing, just thought it was a lifeless whole in the ground, but it wouldn’t and it Couldn’t be a national park if it was just that and thankfully I was wrong because I might not have ever gone if it weren’t for this class and then I’d never know just how grand this canyon really is.

The morning started at 8 am getting on a bus full of college kids, some I swear I’d never seen before but apparently we’d been in the same lecture for an entire semester. We headed off to the GC stopping at the Little Colorado river on the Navajo Indian reservation which was seriously cool, but the GC was way better. It’s funny because the bus was quiet at first, no one talking just silence, but I was talking with the people around me then the people behind me and then boom the whole bus got loud! I sat near my three class friends their names are Emily (from Jersey), Boyd (from Colorado), and Kenzie (from Tucson). The four of us hung out together the whole time. Our first stop at the Grand Canyon was at Navajo Point on the south rim east side.  This first view of the canyon was surreal, views that stretched for miles with the flowing river at the bottom of the canyon and snow on the north rim.

At Navajo Point we had our lunch break but the four of us didn’t sit down for a second, we climbed up the Navajo tower to see the canyon from higher up but it was hot up there and the windows were steamy so we got out of there quick. Back on the ground I watched this guy with a really cool beard go off the path, off trail, and start climbing down the canyon. Emily, Boyd and I followed him. we were basically free climbing down  canyon wall on a very narrow “path” but it led us to a ledge that stuck out over the canyon and thats when we finally caught up with the bearded man.

Right off the bat I said to him, “hey you’ve got a really cool beard” he lit up and said thanks. The next thing I knew he was telling us about a road trip he went on on April 1, 2013 starting at the Grand Canyon, he traveled across the 48 states for a year and ended his trip back at the GC April 1, 2014 now every year on April 1 he goes to the canyon as part of a tradition. I was blown away with his story, it was neat expedition he went on in his Prius I asked for his name, he told me Cosmo. Cosmo: if you’re out there please finish your book and sell it under the name Cosmo so I know it’s you!

Cosmo asked us where we were heading next, unfortunately the three of us lost some street credit here with our guy Cosmo because that’s when we told him we were there on a class field trip so we didn’t have freedom to go where we pleased. But the good news was that the place he wanted us to check out next was the next place our class was going to! He said 55 steps west of the Geology museum building there was another small “off trail” trail that lead to an even cooler ledge then the one we were on when he told us this.  So after walking the Trail of Time with our geology class and listening to what our professor had to say, we took off on the “off trail” trail! this one was muuuuuch sketchier than the previous one but it lead to a much better view. so it was definitely worth what happened next.

Boyd, Emily and I headed down this trail barely on secure ground, finding our way to the catwalk out on to the cliff to the ledge. It was unreal. The main trail was just above us but nobody up there could even see us or knew that what we were standing on was down there.

After hanging out down there for a few minutes we headed back up to where Kenzie was waiting for us. We walked back on to the main trail and then saw it. and by saw it I really mean we saw nothing and by nothing I mean no one.  Our Class was GONE. We checked in the Museum, the parking lot, the other parking lot, the bathrooms, everywhere nearby, but there was no one we knew nearby. The bad thing here is that in a big lecture you only know a few people if that. the only people I knew were the three friends i was with, so… No one else in the class had my number or anyone else’s number I was with. So the class with the bus were just sitting put until we came to find them. which we did find them, eventually, it was like an hour before we found the bus. (it was parked in a lot over a mile away from the museum – the professor must have announced that while we were off exploring). But it was all good! we made it back and weren’t stranded at the Grand Canyon!

April 1, 2017 was a good day. I had fun on the field trip and walked a lot, met a cool guy and was speechless at the sight of the natural beauty in front of me. God bless AZ(:

Some pictures I took!