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Racing the Train to the Hidden Beach

One of the best most adrenaline pumped days of my existence was the time Nikki and I rode our bikes from Carpinteria to Rincon along the train tracks all to find a secret-ish beach. Continue reading “Racing the Train to the Hidden Beach”


Carlsbad: The ‘Good’ Spring Break Vacay

Since January my friends and I have been planning this trip to take on ourĀ final spring break of Senior year. There were so many ups and downs (the downs were mostly planning and budgeting) but over all this was definitely a trip I’ll always remember.

Continue reading “Carlsbad: The ‘Good’ Spring Break Vacay”

Starting with Carp

Carp. NOT crap. Short for Carpinteria. The place I call home – in the summertime that is. Living in Phoenix I definitely don’t have this awesome of a view daily, but I do have many truly amazing places to see in AZ.
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