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When in Prescott

Some days, like today, are extremely memorable. Some days, like today, I hope to hold on to for the rest of my life.

On Friday morning my best friend back in Phoenix, asked if we could get lunch, it was immediately followed with an explanation of her saying, nearly everyday I almost ask you if you’re free for lunch: the thing is-I always am, however, I live two hours away from her in Flagstaff now. Continue reading “When in Prescott”


100-year Flood

An evening with a simple plan. All I wanted to do was hammock in the park with my best friend after I got off work. All I wanted to do. A simple plan turned rogue when a flood, a storm, frogs, waterfalls, broken shoes, broken phones & the cops got involved.

Continue reading “100-year Flood”

A Wednesday Night’s Meditation

I had a plan for the day, but, in a matter of minutes they all fell through. With no plan and nothing to do-I made the day MINE Continue reading “A Wednesday Night’s Meditation”

Today I am excited about Everything

This, along with a few others, has been my daily mantra. In my opinion having a mantra is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself in day to day living. It keeps you centered, and is always there for you to refer back to.

This mantra in particular is extra special and for a day like today, it comes in handy.

Continue reading “Today I am excited about Everything”


Writing that word – Uptown – I instantly thought of the song “Uptown Funk” which I immediately regret writing because the song is now stuck in my head. But I do really want to write about my day… my day in Uptown Phoenix. Continue reading “Uptown”

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