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I’m Grand, the Canyon’s eh..

Being a GEOLOGY major is awesome. Rocks are literally the coolest things, everything our world is today is because of crazy geological processes that happened hundreds of millions of years ago! and thats pretty neat.  Continue reading “I’m Grand, the Canyon’s eh..”


Fall is a Season?

Leaves are changing colors that I’ve never seen before, the days are shorter, the nights are colder, is this fall? Continue reading “Fall is a Season?”

A Wednesday Night’s Meditation

I had a plan for the day, but, in a matter of minutes they all fell through. With no plan and nothing to do-I made the day MINE Continue reading “A Wednesday Night’s Meditation”

What’s the rush?

Some days I wake up and feel anxious; not always in a bad, negative way but most of the time it’s wake up, shower, pick out an outfit, do makeup, and hurry hurry or I’ll be late! But what’s the rush? Continue reading “What’s the rush?”

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