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Kayak spelled backwards is still Kayak

I asked my friend Dylan if he knew where I could rent a kayak for cheap and told him about the plans I had for it. He said why not just buy one? I said they’re expensive and he said he’d look for some. Two days later he sends me a link to a kayak on Craigslist and says he’s buying it, and there’s another one if I want it. I said yes.

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I’m Grand, the Canyon’s eh..

Being a GEOLOGY major is awesome. Rocks are literally the coolest things, everything our world is today is because of crazy geological processes that happened hundreds of millions of years ago! and thats pretty neat.  Continue reading “I’m Grand, the Canyon’s eh..”

Getting Stuck..

A typical day for me does not exist. I live spontaneously. There is a no pattern in what I do, except that I like to have fun. This trait of mine, however is both good and bad. Continue reading “Getting Stuck..”

It’s the End of the World

Just a quick warning, this is a PLACE not an actual statement about the world ending. And man oh man, this just so happens to be one of the coolest places in the WORLD.  Continue reading “It’s the End of the World”

Racing the Train to the Hidden Beach

One of the best most adrenaline pumped days of my existence was the time Nikki and I rode our bikes from Carpinteria to Rincon along the train tracks all to find a secret-ish beach. Continue reading “Racing the Train to the Hidden Beach”

When in Prescott

Some days, like today, are extremely memorable. Some days, like today, I hope to hold on to for the rest of my life.

On Friday morning my best friend back in Phoenix, asked if we could get lunch, it was immediately followed with an explanation of her saying, nearly everyday I almost ask you if you’re free for lunch: the thing is-I always am, however, I live two hours away from her in Flagstaff now. Continue reading “When in Prescott”

Fall is a Season?

Leaves are changing colors that I’ve never seen before, the days are shorter, the nights are colder, is this fall? Continue reading “Fall is a Season?”

100-year Flood

An evening with a simple plan. All I wanted to do was hammock in the park with my best friend after I got off work. All I wanted to do. A simple plan turned rogue when a flood, a storm, frogs, waterfalls, broken shoes, broken phones & the cops got involved.

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